"Even though her works may at first appear colorful and extravagant, in reality they are full of existential pathos… Like an illusionist, the composer crafts an inner space filled with high tension controlled by her alone. Then one becomes the prisoner of the author, sometimes forced to float in that inner space between reality and transcendental states."

Jūratė Katinaitė "Žibuoklė Martinaitytė: Attention! High Tension!" Lithuanian Music Link No. 14


Described by WQXR as a “textural magician”, Žibuoklė Martinaitytė is a New York-based Lithuanian composer whose works explore the tensions and longings of identity and place. She creates sonic environments where musical gestures emerge and disappear within transparencies and densities of sound layers. It’s music that slides on the very blades of emotions..


Listeners say:

Haunting beauty, a feeling of inevitability

Drew me in and captivated my senses. I was not the only audience member with tears in my eyes that night.

In our hectic world, its takes a true work of creative depth to move an audience.

"Speaks" to our current times . . . relevant and powerful

Captivating — feels like watching shooting stars

Richly textured . . . takes one on a complex and fulfilling journey inward

Guides the listener though different locations, times and emotional states

Innovative sonic landscapes. I felt touched by the human experience

Rich and elegant and passionate all at the same time

Underlying pulse, almost like contented breathing, became a surface from which the rhythmic and melodic elements bubbled up, blended and vanished back into the pulse.








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